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We love getting feedback from our clients. It's either an opportunity to innovate, build a better product or it's the same kind of appreciation that fueled turning our passions into a business in the first place. Keep them coming. Here are just a few that made us smile:

Picked out a lounger for the Cabin... Now it's bad enough that the wife won't let me take it there... she won't even let me sit in it. We love the chair. My wife thanks you. It really is a handsome product... and really comfortable when she's not looking.

John P from St. Louis

We were looking for something rugged but elegant that would fit into the modern farmhouse style we had in mind. I knew a pair of Sapele and Hides latigo leather lounge chairs would go perfectly... and they did. We didn't appreciate how much of a conversation piece they would be.  Most people that visit the house ask about them... and more than a handful have left with your contact. Thanks for such a great addition to our home.

Malcolm B from Connecticut

We absolutely love the chair. As functional as it is stylish, our Kruger chair is not only the favourite for lounging in, but is quite regularly a topic of discussion amongst guests. It's clean, minimal design contrasts beautifully with a certain sophistication not often seen in living room furniture, and is no doubt why it garners so many compliments. So far the construction and craftsmanship is proving to be quite durable, and we look forward to seeing how the leather and wood develop for years to come!

Ian T & family from Vancouver

The hand-made attention to every detail on this chair is apparent throughout the stunning design, but also in every last bit of comfort you feel the second you sit in it. It isn’t just a gorgeous piece of furniture to show off a room, it’s the chair you want to curl up in. I truly love my Sapele & Hide chair!

Alexa V from Calgary

Under Construction

James from Georgia

Under Construction

Patrick from North Carolina

Under Construction

African Oasis in Dillon Montana

Under Construction

Rick from NYC

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